What Isn't Accepted at Transfer Stations

Loads greater than three cubic metres will not be accepted at any site unless prior written approval is obtained.  For loads greater than three cubic metres please contact Council on (03) 5722 0888 or email council@wangaratta.vic.gov.au

Transfer stations are unable to accept: plastic car bumpers, gas bottles over 10kg's, used cooking oil, chemical wastes, x-rays, fire extinguishers, asbestos (can be accepted at Bowser Landfill by appointment), hazardous wastes or wastes specified by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) regulations. For more information on EPA regulations please visit the EPA website

Personal cheques are no longer accepted at rural transfer stations

Council wishes to advise residents that as of the 1 March 2015 personal cheques will no longer be accepted at Eldorado, Markwood and Moyhu Transfer Stations. Customers are encouraged to view a copy of the relevant fees and charges, prior to their visit.

Recycling cars

There are a number of companies that salvage the metal and spare parts in dead cars in Wangaratta including:

Thomo's cash for scrap, Address: 11 - 29 Sandford Road, Wangaratta t: 0407 332 737

Turners Metal Recyclers, Address: 120-124 Greta Road, Wangaratta t: (03) 5721 7852

Chemical wastes

Chemical waste can be safely disposed of through the Detox Your Home program

Cooking oil

Disposing of cooking oil incorrectly in drains and sinks can cause plumbing and environmental problems. Small amounts of cooking oil can be disposed of in garden composts and your green lidded organics bin. Cooking oil can be collected and safely disposed through the following businesses:

Cookers t: 1300 88 22 99

Toxfree t: 1300 869 373

Cleanaway t: 13 13 39  

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can be safely disposed of through the Detox Your Home program.

Smoke Detectors

There are currently no recycling programs for smoke detectors in Australia. However, there is an increasing demand for an extended producer responsibility program to cover these waste items.

There two main types of smoke detectors in operation;

Individual (or small numbers) smoke detectors can be safely disposed of in domestic rubbish. When more than ten ionisation smoke detectors are collected together for bulk disposal, they must be treated as radioactive waste and the requirements of the National Health and Medical Research Council's Code of Practice for the Near-Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste in Australia (1992) must be met. 

For more information go to The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).


X-rays can be taken to the X-ray department at NE Health to be recyled (we suggest you remove identifying information first). For further information contact NE Health Wangaratta, 35-47 Green St, Wangaratta or phone: (03) 5722 5111, email: enquiries@nhw.org.au.