Rural Households

Rural households are provided with a large 240 litre garbage bin which is collected fortnightly. Rural households do not receive the green organics bin because Council understands rural households are already undertaking great initiatives to compost their organics or otherwise divert it from their garbage bins.

To check if your property is classified under the rural waste collection area, please click here.

Reducing Odour

✔ Store your garbage bin in the shade if possible.

✔ Close your garbage bin, if your bin lid is broken or cracked contact Council.

✔ If disposing of nappies, ensure all nappies are tightly sealed within a nappy disposal bag or double wrapped plastic supermarket bag.

✔ If possible empty nappy solids into the toilet prior to placing the nappy in the garbage bin.

Household Composting

Composting and worm farms are great way to recycle food and garden waste. Residents are encouraged to compost their grass clippings and food scraps. Compost is not only an excellent means for enriching gardens soils, it also reduces the amount of garbage going to landfill. Worm farms are a great option for households that have food waste but minimal green waste.

For further information please click here to download an information flyer for rural households.