All businesses in Wangaratta are required to use a garbage and recycling service, either provided by Council or by a commercial service provider.

Businesses with a food handling certificate are also required to utlise an organic waste collection service.

Businesses can adjust the number of bins, or upsize your bins at any time by completing the relevant form below.

If you operate a business in urban Wangaratta please complete this form and return it to Council.

If you operate a business in a rural area please complete this form and return it to Council.

Organic waste collection for businesses

The organic waste collection service is compulsory for all businesses in the municipality that operate with a food handling certificate. However, if you do not have a food handling certificate but still generate organic waste Council encourages you to opt-in to the system.

Compostable liners

Council recognises that each business has unique requirements, with different waste types and volumes generated. With that in mind, Council provides 240 litre compostable liners to businesses at no charge. These liners fit the bin and do not need to be lifted by staff. This allows businesses to make their own arrangements in the kitchen and serving areas.

Business FAQs: